Product Comparison

The VR Drymask2 features a range of improvements that make it the most effective VR Drymask in the range.

Moving away from the terry cotton blend of the VR Drymask classic, The new VR Drymask2 uses a polyester blend for a more comfortable experience. The more flexible material can be dual layered whilst still being thinner that the single layered original VR Drymask.

The VR Drymask2 comes in five colors, two sizes, and support for eye glasses.

The VR Drymask2 is available NOW.

VR Drymask
Sweatbands for Virtual Reality

VR Drymasks are designed to control excessive sweating during shorter intense VR fitness sessions. For extended periods of VR usage the VR Drymask 2 is recommended . Discontinue using if excessive discomfort is experienced.

VR Drymask™ is a trademark