VR Drymask 2 – Create Bundle!

...from $16.65 per mask

The VR Drymask 2 bundle lets you choose from up to 3 masks and 5 colors. So you can keep spares or play VR with friends.

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The VR Drymask 2 is the latest product which features dual layers, a larger absorption area, and support for eye glasses. The new design is softer and cooler on the skin keeping you as comfortable as possible playing VR fitness games.

The VR Drymask 2 – Create Bundle comes with UP TO:
– 3 x VR Drymask 2 (your choice of colors)


  • Weight: 15 grams (per unit)
  • Material:  Polyester blend
  • Size: 46cm relaxed, 50cm relaxed (LARGE)
  • Suitable for: Head Circumferences up to 59cm (LARGE for greater then 59cm)

Care & Usage

VR Drymasks are designed to control excessive sweating during shorter intense VR fitness sessions. For extended periods of VR usage the VR Drymask 2 is recommended . Discontinue using if excessive discomfort is experienced.

For Maximum Comfort

  • Wear the VR Drymask so that the product logo is over the forehead and the Valecus logo is on the rear of the head.
  • Adjust the band over or around the ears for comfort. Start with the mask around your neck. Then, holding the top of the mask, drag it upwards over your face until the nose cutout slides into place.
  • The top edge of the eye holes should partially cover the tops of the eyebrows.
    The bottom edge of the eye holes should sit well below the eyes, almost inline with the cheekbones. (Any contact with the soft skin under the eyes may cause discomfort).
  • The nose cutout should not press down or feel overly tight. To avoid this, loosen the VR Drymask by pulling in more material to the front from along the sides of the band.
  • Press down the material over the nose bridge so that it is flush with the skin.
  • Enjoy your Virtual Reality workout!

Cleaning and Care

The VR Drymask will tolerate washing by hand as well as machine washing. Do NOT tumble dry. However for maximum longevity the following is recommended for cleaning.

  • Soak in warm water with a hand soap or shampoo (Laundry detergent can be used but note that it will require excessive rinsing).
  • To dry, rinse well and press the excess water out before allowing to drip dry.

Do NOT twist or wring to remove excess water. Do NOT use bleach, ethanol, antiseptic or disinfectant as cleaning agents.